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  • Use payment analytics & customer discovery to gain a competitive advantage
  • Share with your customers your messages and promotions, discover your social media ranking and monitor your reputation online
  • Automatically provide rewards for your customers based on their purchasing habits at your business
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Analytics Learn More

Forecast and control your destiny by understanding how and when your customers shop with you:

  • Sales overview
  • Customer Insights
  • Customer Retention Reports
  • Marketing Campaign Impact Reports
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Social Media Learn More

Your customers congregate daily on a multitude of social networking sites. Do you have a strategy?

  • Track trends around your Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Yelp and Google+ followers. Identify your most influential customers
  • How social are you? Compare your social media activity and online reputation to similar businesses nearby
  • Engage customers by publishing your messages across multiple social media channels from a single console
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Marketing Automation Learn More

Automated marketing reminders to customers before, during and after the sale to generate more business

  • Messages are specifically tailored to address new customers, top customers and infrequent customers
  • Simply upload your coupon, specify targets, set time limits for redemption and BuyFi will distribute it to the right customer segment at the right time
  • Automation means no additional work. Accept credit cards as usual. No loyalty cards to punch or Mobile apps to manage
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