We Grow Your Business

We help small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) grow sales by uniquely analyzing their credit card transactions and automating, streamlining and simplifying their customer acquisition and retention process.

Digital marketing has become essential for SMBs but the available tools do not leverage payment analytics and are generally too complex, too expensive or mostly ineffective in leveraging mobile and social channels. We enable small- and medium-sized retail businesses (restaurants, florists, pet shops, etc.) to easily understand customers and engage with them on channels such as Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Google, and on their mobile phones.

What We Do

We provide a cloud-based software-as-a-service Payment Analytics and Customer Engagement platform to SMBs. Payment Analytics unlocks valuable business insights hidden within credit card transactions. Customer Engagement captures customer interactions across social and web channels, analyzes it, and delivers actionable workflows for business owners and store managers to connect with their social and mobile customers.

We sell our services directly to payment processors who enhance their product offerings and provide greater customer value to merchants.

How We're Different

All of our actions are aimed at empowering the smaller merchants with information and control over their business. That’s why we deliver simple but highly insightful and actionable analytical reports. That’s why offer a dashboard to gain deeper drill-down understanding of the business. That’s why we have built a communication platform that allows merchants to reach customers on social media and on their mobile phones. That's also why we partner with ISOs, so merchants can work with a single vendor for payment, analytical and marketing solutions.

Who We Are

We are a highly experienced and balanced team of passionate and successful entrepreneurs, product managers and engineers on a mission to leverage data to enable SMB merchants to strengthen their relationships with their customers, and grow their business. Our past successes include building large-scale systems reaching millions of consumers. These systems and products have been key to producing billions of dollars of revenues at companies such as Yahoo, eBay, SGI, Liberate (Oracle), WebMD and Auditude (Adobe).

The world is changing, driven by deep analytics everywhere. Everything is getting quantified. The large retailers are all set to take advantage of new data and new communication channels to engage consumers. The smaller businesses need to compete for the same customers, with far fewer resources and expertise. This is where we come in, to champion the small entrepreneur and provide them easy tools to understand and attract customers.

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