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Build Customers using our CRM

It all starts with building your customer list BuyFi's Marketing Advisory team provides you with the resources you need to recruit customers to your marketing programs. Communicate with customers before, during and after the sale. Automatically send marketing reminders to customers. Measure increases in your new and repeat business.

Any Payment processor

BuyFi integrates with all of the leading payment networks.

Tap into Payment Data to improve customer profitability

Analyze customer data to gain insight and create differentiated customer experiences. See past trends, gain new business perspectives and execute on actionable customer insight to grow revenues.

Activate your Social Media conversation

BuyFi makes social media simple and saves you time. Schedule all your messages, offers and events to multiple social media outlets through a single console. Monitor all responses across social networks in a single dashboard.

Run your own Automated Marketing program

Our card-linked customer retention technology transforms the customer’s credit card into a rewards card. Avoid the hassle of additional loyalty cards, new hardware or special training to manage your offers and loyalty program.

Focus on core Marketing programs

BuyFi uniquely provides you with the business insights to track the impacts on your business due to promotions, events, weather, holidays, etc. Measure your marketing efforts and focus on the most effective while cutting out wasteful expenses.

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